How does this site work ?

  1. You can always take a look at houses without any commitment

    Select "Accommodation page" and then "2. Unregistered users / House hunting for free". The only restriction is that you will not get to see the house owner or manager's contact details. If you want to see these data, you need to register at “Add my House”.

  2. You can register as a house hunter

    It only costs a small amount to register as a house hunter. You will receive a login code by e-mail and as soon as your payment has been received you will be able to see the contact details for all properties listed. Then select the "Accommodation page / 1. Registered users" section to enter the site.

  3. You may also register if you have a house to rent or sell

    If you have a property to rent or sell, regardless of the type, please register yourself. For the time being, this is still free of charge. Once you have registered, you will receive a login code by e-mail. You can then enter all the details of your house, including a maximum of 2 photos, via the "Accommodation page / 1.Registered users" section of the site. You may of course adapt, change or remove any of this information at any time.

  4. Unique registration

    You can only register in the registration section as a house hunter or as a seller and/or lessor. The combination of house hunter and seller/lessor from a single e-mail address is not possible.

  5. How to go about looking for a house?

    As soon as you have entered the site via the "Accommodation page", you will see a pre-selection menu. Once you are there, click on 'owner-occupied houses ' or 'rented houses'. You will then see an extensive menu of options for types of properties, location, price range, etc.
    If you want to search for specific houses, first tick a box on the left and fill in or select your preference(s) on your right. Then click on 'Query' and you will see the list of your preferred properties. Select a property from this list to see the details.

  6. Estate agents' section

    This section is specifically meant for customers of selected estate agents. If an estate agent has houses on Add my House, you can only see these by entering the special code you receive from the estate agent. You don't have to register yourself and this service is free of charge for visitors. Estate agents wanting to publish details of houses in this way are requested to contact Add my House.

  7. Any queries ?

    Add my House will be pleased to be of service. Please mail any queries or comments to the webmaster